oh baby!!! (lavida) wrote,
oh baby!!!

due to the growing popularity of livejournal i have made this all friends only. you never know who may be reading otherwise yaknowwhatimean? soooooooo if you'd like a peek, add me. i'll check ya out and i just might add you back. later!
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Hey, this is Reindeer/Mary Anne. I switched journals ;)
Hallo, I am adding you to my list, I would love it if you could add me back.. been reading your public posts and I see that we have some interests in common :)
Thanks so much for responding to my poll, I really really really appreciate it!
read your bio and you seem like an interesting person. if you decide not to add me back, i understand
Where you be? Hope all is well...take care. :)
ahhhh! i added you!!! sorry~

Deleted comment

Hi!! welcome and thanks :)
I am a friend of Jaime's and saw your LJ. I'll add you as a friend, and maybe you'll do the same. I'm all about meeting new people, so if you are at all interested in getting to know me, just add me back and drop a comment. ;)

Take care,
i've added you.
why: because
who: this is my profile page :)
I added you. I found you through lovethebrians LJ...My LJ has been boring recently so I might not seem too exciting.
I'm sorry I hadn't said anything in quite a while. WIth the way work and then everything with my mom was going it was hard to even keep up with daily life at the time. Anyway I totally understand you taking me off the list. Oh you and your baby look so cute in that picture on the info page by the way. :) Take care!
psst... i switched journals. whenever you come back/post again, pls add me <3 i miss ya! :(
old username = infinatee