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anyone still out there? [16 Oct 2010|11:29pm]
I am not on here much anymore. Got facebook?
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[08 Sep 2004|04:34pm]
sorry i meant to get on here yesterday and i got busy and stressed and slept and then worked. gah!!! we have to wait again. the ct went well but now we wait for results. it is positivley going to take years off my life with this waiting. i have an appointment for friday morning but already called today to see if they had the results. they are calling the hospital to get a fire under their ass. the second they get them they are calling and i will be headed to the doctor.
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~~~oh baby~~~ [31 May 2003|11:28pm]
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isaac seems like he dropped! i woke up and noticed my tummy wasnt as big. well it is still all there but has dropped much lower than i was used to. i am only 31 weeks!

i switched doctors since i moved about 50 mins away from my old one. i am so happy with it. my old doctor was great, dont get me wrong but he was more of a general practice ya know? this new practice has 6 doctors (OB's) (all of which i'll meet before i go into labor since any of them could do the delivery). i love that babies and pregnancy and birth are their main focus. i feel like i'll learn more from him. i am going to ask for an ultrasound though. i want to see how far he's dropped. down in my pelvis? i hope not. as much as i want him now i know he needs to bake a little longer lol. with all the contractions mixed in with hm lowering now it makes me a little nervous!

next thursday me and manuel are going to the labor and delivery tour and breastfeeding class. yes, he is going to my breast feeding class. i love him too too much. i begged and pleated and gave him some good good sex and made some good good food.....lol.

he is moving quite a bit. a little bit more slow and not with as much force as before. i think he's running out of room ;) i can feel when he has the hicups. so cute. it feels like a slow slow constant heartbeat. those hicups must really rock him though. i can feel it from the outside of my tummy when he's got them.

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[04 Apr 2002|10:23pm]
due to the growing popularity of livejournal i have made this all friends only. you never know who may be reading otherwise yaknowwhatimean? soooooooo if you'd like a peek, add me. i'll check ya out and i just might add you back. later!
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